About Me

Hi I'm Abi, I'm a designer specialising in felted knitwear.

The products I create are designed and handcrafted with love and care, from my home studio in the Cheltenham, UK. I make felted knitwear pieces which are luxe, yet simple in silhouette, allowing them to be worn and enjoyed on a daily basis, but still have personality to feel a little different.

My products are designed to be loved and cherished and become a staple part of the wardrobe. Perfect for any occasion whether it's adding a bit of confidence to your work day, having something a bit special to relax in after a long day or something a little different to wear going out, I've got you covered.  

I graduated from  Chelsea College of Arts UAL in 2016 with 1st class BA Hons in Textile design. This is where I started my journey with felted knitwear and developed techniques that I still use today.

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